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The SAT has three sections:   Critical Reading, Writing and Math
The ACT has four sections:   Reading, English, Math and Science


The SAT/ACT is a source of great stress for high-school students. What is the source of this stress? Stress arrives when you do not have a process or technique.

Indian students generally do well at math. Why is this? Because they have a process to solve math problems.

SAT / ACT Critical Reading is no different. There are techniques that help you read faster and more effectively. We introduce and drill these techniques in class.

Our goal is not only to improve your scores on all sections of the SAT/ACT, but also to develop fundamental critical thinking skills that are applicable in all disciplines. 

We have a similar process for Writing, Math and Science – identifying the different question types and drilling each in a systematic fashion, so no stone is left unturned.

Moreover, it is especially important to do well on the SAT/ACT essay because college admissions officers will compare your test essay to your application essays. There must not be a significant difference in quality or style.


Components of SAT / ACT Bootcamp
Core Course
We have identified 36 question types in the SAT and a set of specialized techniques to rapidly improve scores. We will teach and drill every single one.
In addition, we cover fundamental verbal and math concepts to ensure that students can handle trick questions with ease.
Personalized Guidance
Throughout the course, we provide personalized sessions to discuss key weaknesses of each student and offer guidance on how to improve.
This personalized guidance ensures that each student is keeping up with the course and making substantial progress.
During the program, each student will be required to take at minimum 10 full-length practice tests under strict examination conditions.
We will provide a comprehensive assessment for each test.


The Athena Commitment

“The average score increase of our previous students has been 300 points (SAT).

We GUARANTEE a score increase of 200 points – or a 2300 composite score, if diagnostic score is over 2100 – or money back.”