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We at Athena want to support students in their educational dreams. One of our co-founders is from DPS R.K. Puram, and we are always thrilled to support the work of Exun and other bright and ambitious high-schoolers.

We bring to you a competition through which we will award free Common Application essay guidance, personally mentored by Athena Founders.

If you are looking to add depth and uniqueness to your Common Application essay and get it to stand out to admissions officers, we encourage you to apply.


  • Applying to US universities in 2018
  • Participant of EXUN 2018 or Member of EXUN Clan


  • EXUN 2018 participants 
    • Students in 11th grade and 12th grade both eligible
    • Award is free Common Application essay guidance
  • Class 12th – Member of EXUN Clan
    • Award is free Common Application essay guidance
  • Class 11th – Member of EXUN Clan
    • Award is ATS – Application Theme & Strategy, which highlights the student’s unique value and specialized strategy for gaining admission into Ivy-League colleges.The ATS document is intended to differentiate students from other applicants, and is optimized for desired Ivy-League colleges. It serves as a guide for the remainder of high school

Selection Process

  • Fill out the application below
  • As in the case of admissions to elite foreign universities, you will be evaluated on both academic and extracurricular grounds.
    • 50% academic and 50% extracurricular
  • The top 10 candidates will be invited for a 1-1 session @Athena.
  • Final selection by Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Supervisor and HOD Computer Science
  • Early Deadline – 1st Nov
  • Regular Deadline – 8th Nov