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Athena Education on Business Standard


A Business Standard piece on Athena Education and its founders

“The Greatest Mind Since Einstein”


A glimpse into one of the most notable characters of the 20th century…

Harvard Finals Week: Like Running Through Fire


If you think your finals are difficult, imagine bringing together a thousand students, each at the top of his or her high-school class, and having them compete for grades. This is what it’s like.

How I Met My Major


In this humorous post, Stanford’s Michael Kim describes the ups and downs he encountered on his journey to find his true love.

Time Management, Harvard-Style


Here Kenny Tao goes over some of his techniques for maximizing time management in stressful high-school/college environments.

Stanford: Standing Out and Getting In


Michael Kim provides a recap of his high-school experience, and lessons for all current high-school students:

“Every December 15th, I am reminded of that fateful day when four years of hard work were validated by a single email that said, ‘Congratulations!’”

The Birth of a Tiger Cub


I made it! I had gone through one of the most stressful phases of student life and emerged at the beginning of an amazing journey. Princeton. Despite the odds against international applicants, I was now at the place I had only dreamed about just a year ago.

Rupa at UC Berkeley


Every university has almost fifty majors and minors. How do you decide what to study? In this article, Rupa Subramaniam outlines how she went from being undecided about a major to loving her courses and looking forward to her many opportunities after graduation…

The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education


It is this liberal arts ideal that many great universities have cultivated through the ages, including Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and many others…

Vivian at Wharton


The white envelope trembles in my hand. The moment feels strangely surreal, and I oddly numb, having attempted to suppress overwhelming nervousness. As I rip it open and see the soon-to-be familiar red-and-blue, the strangest thought comes to me in the hysteria of the moment. Is this the end of everything I’ve worked for, the one confirmation I need?