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Never Judge a House by its Letters

the lin

Here Michael Kim shares a glimpse of the fascinating and misunderstood world of fraternities at Stanford

Boyz to Men


In a touching piece, Athena Alumnus Abhinav Kejriwal discusses his experiences with Athena. Abhinav received admissions at Johns Hopkins University and UCLA, and chose to spend his four years in the gorgeous Southern California sun.

A Year of Change


“Ashish, you aren’t serious about this, are you?” said my mother in an anxious tone.

I had just revealed my plans of a year off to my mother.

Searching for Themes in School, Work and Life


Here Athena alumnus Tanya Sharma details one of the key skills she developed over the past year. An insightful and enjoyable read…

Extra-curricular: TO DO, or NOT TO DO


What do I do outside academics? In this four-part series, Athena Management clarifies the process, for students and parents alike.

The Power of Doubt


Here Michael Kim discusses his experience exploring his own religious beliefs and those of his friends from a diversity of backgrounds.

Slaying the Stress Monster


Stress is probably no stranger to you all. Here we discuss a grand strategy to defeat this foe.

When Days are Numbered


Here Vivian Jair reveals how she decided upon her extra-curricular activities at Penn, given the over 450 options!

Holi – Rang and Rejuvenation


Amid the gala, what is the deeper significance of Holi, and what does that mean for you? Here are some thoughts. Enjoy!

Stanford’s Most Infamous CompSci Course


Michael Kim shares his experience taking a legendary computer science course at Stanford – both the struggles and the triumph