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Strategic Differentiation


You need something that differentiates you from the remaining 34,999.

35,000 high-school students from about a hundred countries apply to Harvard each year. Thousands of applicants each year who are at the top of their classes or receive a perfect 2400 SAT score are rejected. Overall, only about 2,000 are admitted.

Therefore, what is it that elite universities are looking for?   Two words – UNIQUE VALUE.


Another word for “unique value” is “THEME”.

A theme is what makes an application memorable. A theme is what makes an application not get lost in some recycling bin. A theme is that unifying factor within an application that is evident in the various sections of your application (activity list, essays, recommendations, interview, etc.). We work with students discover and develop this uniqueness.

We create an extracurricular theme and implementation strategy after a thorough assessment of a student’s goals, strengths and interests.




No one portion of the application by itself determines whether you will be admitted. Instead, top schools consider the entire application holistically, considering your academic capabilities, extracurricular achievements and personal characteristics.


Extracurricular Activities

We provide students with clear guidance on brainstorming and developing extracurricular activities that add value for society and lead to personal growth.


We place great emphasis on the communication of each student’s uniqueness in every part of the application, especially thorough coherent and powerful essays. We also advise students on how to go about getting recommendations.


The task of your interviewer is to determine the true extent of your achievements. It is crucial that you demonstrate clarity of thought and competence of action.

Time Management and Study Process

We create a timeline with weekly action items and milestones, as well as provide intermittent progress reports for families.

A to Z Holistic Guidance

  1. University selection
  2. Audio / video discussions with alumni of top universities 
  3. Guidance on extracurricular activities 
  4. Application questions
  5. Statements of purpose
  6. University-specific essays
  7. Recommendations 
  8. Interview preparation
  9. Review of application by former Ivy-League admissions officer
  10. Planning college visits

#9 and #10 only offered as part of our Platinum package.  

In the Platinum package, a former Ivy-League admissions officer will review your application prior to submission. This service is provided by only the most elite counseling services in the US and by no other service in India.

We will cover as many college applications as the student desires. However, we normally recommend that a student apply to 12 to 15 universities.


We teach students Time Management skills.

We create a timeline with weekly action items and milestones, as well as provide intermittent progress reports for families.

Parents can also view their child’s progress in real time through a sophisticated yet user-friendly project management software, as illustrated below.